Safe Families for Children

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Meet Our Chapter

Welcome to Safe Families for Children Minnesota!

We are so glad your here. The Safe Families movement first came to Minnesota in 2010. Since that time it has blossomed to hundreds of volunteers in all counties surrounding the Twin Cities metro area and growing throughout Greater Minnesota.

We want to serve you well and ensure we find the right kind of support that is customized for you and your family’s needs.  There are two distinct pathways – please identify which pathway fits your situation best:

  • FAMILY FRIEND: Are you a parent seeking personal support and/or need short breaks from your children that include positive activities with other caring people?  Do you want to improve and stabilize your home environment for everyone’s well-being?  Fill out a Family Friend Request Form.
  • HOST FAMILY: Are you a parent experiencing crisis and in need of personal support and need temporary, longer periods of care for your children (utilizing a host family) to keep them safe?  Fill out a Host Family Request Form.

You are invited to contact our office to talk to our team about what might be a best fit for you.  Please call us at (888) 290-7590.  We would love to chat!

For those who’ve filled out a Family Friend Application or Host Family Application, our team will work with you and prepare for next steps using the following forms:

Church Engagement:

Are you connected to a local church and interested in learning more about the Safe Families movement in the Twin Cities area and beyond? Please contact our Church Engagement Manager, Penny Isaac-Nelson at

Small Groups – Life Groups – Community Groups

Invite us to your next meeting!

In a small group (or life group/community group) and looking for ways you can serve your community?  We’d love to stop in, share who we are and what it looks like to be involved…there’s no pressure – you’ll walk away inspired on what the local church has the potential to do!  Contact our Church Engagement Manager – Penny to learn more.