Safe Families for Children

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Meet Our Chapter

Safe Families for Children relies on the hospitality of volunteers who serve within their backyard communities. The Safe Families movement first came to Minnesota in 2010. Since that time it has blossomed to hundreds of volunteers recruited through their churches in all counties surrounding the Twin Cities metro area. These volunteers are trained and coached by professional staff in the Twin Cities to provide wrap around support to families in crisis.

Referring Agencies and/or Parents/Youth in Crisis:  We want to serve you well and ensure we find the right kind of support and host family that can best serve the situation you find yourself in.  To get started, please fill out the following three documents listed below – when you are finished, these documents go straight to our team for review.  Someone will contact you for next steps.

  1. Minnesota Intake Form
  2. MN Delegation of Parental Authority (DOPA) Form
  3. MN Request for Care Form

To reach our staff, please check out Contact Us.

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