Safe Families for Children

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Meet Our Chapter

Welcome to Safe Families for Children Minnesota!

We are so glad your here. Your family matters to us.   

We are a group of volunteers driven by compassion and care to come along side you in hard seasons.  Everyone needs a friend, a good neighbor and a safety net to rely on.

We want to serve you well and ensure we find the right kind of support that is customized for you and your family’s needs.  There are two distinct pathways – please identify which pathway fits your situation best:

  • FAMILY FRIEND: Are you a parent seeking personal support and/or need short breaks from your children that include positive activities with other caring people?  Do you want to improve and stabilize your home environment for everyone’s well-being?  Fill out a Family Friend Request Form.
  • HOST FAMILY: Are you a parent experiencing crisis and in need of personal support and need temporary, longer periods of care for your children (utilizing a host family) to keep them safe?  Fill out a Host Family Request Form.

Unsure?  Call Nancy Sackett (Intake & Family Coach Supervisor) at (888) 290-7590 or email her HERE.

For those who’ve filled out a Family Friend Application or Host Family Application, our team will work with you and prepare for next steps using the following forms:

“Just One” – Calling Church Small Groups – Life Groups – Community Groups:

We work through small groups of people in the local church – do you have small groups, discipleship groups, bible studies or Sunday School classes that are interested in keeping kids safe?  We have almost 100% engagement in these environments because we offer something for everyone.   Email our Church Engagement Manager – Penny Isaac-Nelson to learn about how your group can serve “Just One”.  Invite us to your next small group meeting – we’ll facilitate a discussion and let you decide!