Safe Families for Children

Minneapolis/St. Paul

About Our Chapter

If crisis strikes, you might turn to your relatives or church for support. But some families don’t have a safety net. If they face hardship—domestic abuse, financial strain, addiction, incarceration, illness, unemployment, homelessness—their children can be neglected or at-risk. We exist to change that.

Safe Families for Children extends the safety net for families and kids—one relationship at a time. By serving as hosts, mentors, or helpers, we help keep families intact and children safe. Our ultimate goal is to support parents in crisis so they can become safe families for their own children.

Our Families

Host Families are the change agents of transformation in the lives of children and families across the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas.  We seek people who will voluntarily, and without compensation, open their homes to a child of a parent who is experiencing a crisis. Our families live throughout metro Minneapolis/St Paul, and each is individually screened and approved to safely care for children. These families host children as young as a day old all the way through parenting teenagers.

Children stay with a Host Family anywhere from a couple of days to several months: an average stay is 45 days. Our families help in the short-term. They are not able to provide long-term foster care nor are they seeking to adopt through this organization. Other parents who have been helped by Safe Families for Children have faced issues like: temporary loss of housing or job, feeling overwhelmed, needing time to put a parenting plan together, health problems, etc.

Our Churches

Safe Families for Children is only successful when it is embraced and adopted by the local church. By demonstrating biblical hospitality, Safe Families for Children returns the church to the forefront of caring for orphans and widows.

Churches provide a vital role in our community of caregivers offering support and resources to families. The process for starting a Safe Families ministry in your church is simple and we invite you to ask us to come visit to share more. This ministry will add a sense of richness and relevance to your community of faith as you reach out with kindness for those who need it most.

Want to be a part of the Minnesota movement of Safe Families for Children? Email Lisa Welter, MN State Director at