Safe Families for Children

Minneapolis/St. Paul

About Our Chapter

Urgent Needs “Live”!

Safe Families keeps kids safe as a volunteer driven movement.  That means we engage our volunteers to host children, mentor and support parents through a hard season.  SFFC staff provide the professional oversight.

Each month we receive 40+ inquiries for help and those stories are growing – meaning we have many opportunities to serve others.  We want to share these stories with you and capture your passion to serve the vulnerable in our backyards in a new way while learning with us.

Join Urgent Needs “Live” with our staffers to hear what the current needs are by area of town.  We will include hosting needs, transportation, mentoring, and a time for Q & A.

We welcome you to join us no matter what role you play at SFFC MN.  If you are not an approved volunteer and feel compelled to help, tell us – we’ll guide and prepare you.

Weekly Urgent Needs “Live” Meetings
(20 minutes each)

Tuesdays 7 PM
Fridays 10 AM

How do I join Urgent Needs “Live”?

1. We recommend adding these details to your weekly calendar as a reminder.

2. Meeting location can be joined from HERE from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  You can also dial in by your phone +1 (786) 535-3211  Access Code: 549-582-509

Who is Safe Families for Children Minnesota?


  • Lisa J. Welter, MN State Director
  • Nancy Sackett, Lead Family Coach Supervisor
  • Heidi Langeberg, Program Administrator
  • Penny Isaac-Nelson, Church Engagement Manager